Small Group Trips

Approximately 8-12 persons, primarily active seniors, participate in the trips that last from 5 to 10 days

  • Traverse City Film Festival – July 2017, July 2016
  • Costa Rica – March 2017
  • Savannah & Tybee Island, Georgia – March 2015
  • Charleston, South Carolina/Spoleto Festival – May 2014
  • New England: New Hampshire and Maine – June 2013
  • Cleveland: TriCity Jazz Fest-April 2013
  • Miami Beach (South Beach): Art Deco Weekend – January 2012
  • Deer Creek Golf Outing and Poker Run – August 2011
  • New Orleans: Jazz & Heritage Festival – May 2011
  • Israel – November 2018




Charleston, South Carolina


Charleston, South Carolina/Spoleto Festival


“Aaron did an amazing job planning every detail of a fantastic experience which included hotel, meals, tours and entertainment while still allowing unscheduled time to explore on our own.” – Michael Macknin, MD, Pediatrician, The Cleveland Clinic


“It was a well organized trip with good food and lots of fun.” – Jim Cole, German Village

“This was one of my favorite trips of all time with a great balance of scheduled and unscheduled time. There was an amazing variety of first-rate activities, entertainment and dining.” – Steve Wexberg, MD, Pediatrician, The Cleveland Clinic


“This is my third trip with LeventhalTravel.com. You outdid yourself on this one Aaron! Excellent selection of varied venues and activities, wonderful restaurants, the Francis-Marion was perfectly located and a comfortable hotel. Thanks for a full, outstanding week.” – Anita Rothschild-Wexberg, Pepper Pike, Ohio


A trip with Aaron is a joy forever! Small group travel is the only way to go.” – Judy Ahlbeck, Worthington, Ohio, Fourth trip with LeventhalTravel.com


New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival


“The trip was great. There was a perfect mix of scheduled activities and free time. I enjoyed all of the activities immensely!” – Merlyn Ruffin


“This company did an excellent job with planning and implementing a comfortable, convenient, and completely enjoyable trip. Every detail was worked out ahead of time, things were very punctual and it was worth the cost. The Hubbard Mansion was literally ours for five days—wow! Food choices were exemplary!” – Milton Ruffin

Excellent value. Remember how much fun falling in love is? New Orleans will remind you (and seduce you).”– Ginni Voedisch

Small group travel is a real winner. Pick and choose your options. Good value.” – Judy Ahlbeck

“Aaron covers every detail of the trip so you can just relax and say ‘What’s next?’ He is very reliable.”
– Joe Spinelli


Aaron plans a great vacation with the ability to do as much of as little of possible itinerary events.” –Bill Ward

The trip was a great chance to see what a fantastic city New Orleans really is…from the music clubs, to the restaurants, the architecture, all capped off with the Jazz and Heritage Festival! Thank God for the many good coffee shops to keep us going day and night.” – Brittany Hoy

“Aaron thought of everything and provided a wonderful trip package. It was the perfect blend of planned excursions and free time to explore New Orleans. Plus, how can a trip to the Jazz Festival be anything but great?” – Paul Hoy

“This was a wonderful, well-organized trip! With so many meals/transportation included, it was a great bargain. We’re looking forward to many LeventhalTravel excursions in the future.” – Steve & Anita Rothschild Wexberg



New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

“We had a great time. The group was friendly and got along like old friends! Staff at the lodge was very attentive to our wants and needs. Weekend was great!” – Judy and Glenn Rogers


Aaron creates a fun, friendly experience. The people he put together all were very friendly, upbeat and ready to have an enjoyable weekend. He went out of his way to make sure people of all ages and gender had an enjoyable time. “ – David Stroupe


Everything was great. The Deer Creek outing was an amazing time. The lodge had everything you could possible want plus a natural feeling.” – Elliot Leventhal


Another great weekend from LeventhalTravel.com. Fun for all! The format of golf, poker and dining was great.”
 – Ernie Hartong


Relaxing time and good company in quiet surroundings.” – Will Logan


“Haven’t had this much fun playing golf all year. I will definitely come back.” – Bruce Knox


The weekend was a very nice surprise! Everything from the golf to the food was very enjoyable.”  –Courtney Stroupe


Israel Tour – Nov. 2018


It was a fabulous trip. It was great to see so much of Israel and get a sense of the differences in the only democracy in the Middle East. I particularly enjoyed traveling with a small group of seven people in a Mercedes minibus with a knowledgeable guide, who was always available throughout the tour. – Bruce, German Village, Columbus, Ohio


It was a great experience. Our tour was very well planned with visits to many of Israel’s major points of interest. I particularly enjoyed Tel Aviv, with its thriving atmosphere, and Jerusalem, with all of its history. Our guide Dany was excellent. – Art, Solon, Ohio


Aaron planned a wonderful trip, which included many of my favorites — Tel Aviv, Ein Hod Artists Village, Masada, the Dead Sea and Yad Vashem. I personally liked meeting Israelis daily. – Debby, Solon, Ohio


As a first-time visitor to Israel I felt I saw and experienced quite a bit. I appreciated traveling in a very small group, which helped move everything along smoothly. Our guide Dany made sightseeing so enjoyable. I now feel much  more curiosity about Israel and hope to return. – Suzanne, Beachwood, Ohio


A truly remarkable journey. It was a way to truly understand the culture of a fantastic country. Our guide Dany tied Israel’s history into modern times. I met wonderful people with diverse backgrounds throughout the tour. – Phil, Orange, Ohio


The tour was a unique blending of historic and modern Israel, of friendships, adventures anticipated and discovered. Our guide Dany had the ability to tune into our interests and individual “quests,” which made the experience one to enjoy, remember and treasure. I found my Jewish roots — the roots of true friendships and a vision of the adventures to come. – Donna, Orange, Ohio






For more information, contact Aaron Leventhal at leventhal43206@gmail.com or (614) 506-9666



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